Nuevo torno CITIZEN en nuestras instalaciones
September 18, 2017
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October 4, 2017
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New CITIZEN L32-X arrived at JOARJO’s facilities

Citizen L32 VIII’

We are very proud to present our latest acquisition: a new  CITIZEN MODEL L32-X FIXED/MOBILE HEAD LATHE .

We rescue the information that we already shared with you last year on the occasion of the acquisition of a similar lathe by JOARJO.

As we mentioned before, the purchase was formalized with an important supplier: EGASCA .

Egasca SA is a company founded in 1952 by D. José Egaña and D. Tomas Salaverria, assuming since then the responsibility of offering not only top quality machines but also strong technical support in the search for tailor-made solutions to each of its clients. .

Since then, three generations at the helm of this company have contributed to its development, consolidating it as one of the most prestigious and traditional machine tool distributors in the Spanish machine tool market.


You can check the official brochure here.

  • Control MITSUBISHI M70 LPC
  • Main spindle with 3.7/7.5 Kw motor
  • Sub spindle with 2.2/3.7 Kw motor
  • C-axis control on both spindles
  • Work system in mobile head mode and in fixed head mode
  • Tool column (GTF5916) with 6 external fixed positions
  • Tool holder column (U31B). Includes 4 motorized units GSC1310
  • Fixed tool holder with three interior exits GDF1601
  • GSE3210 Power Drive Tool Holder Block
  • Tool holder column with 4 fixed internal and external positions U120B
  • Tool-holder column with 5 positions on the rear U151B
  • Illumination lamp inside the machine
  • Warning lamp with 3 positions
  • Cooling pump
  • Coolant level detector
  • Air blowing on both heads
  • Parts catcher with extractor belt
  • Automatic greasing system
  • Door interlock according to CE safety regulations.
  • Piece counter with preselection
  • Parting off confirmation detector
  • Manual tools