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New CITIZEN L32-X arrived at JOARJO’s facilities
September 18, 2017
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October 6, 2017
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JOARJO adheres to the “Protocol”

JOARJO, S.L. is attached to the “Protocol for the detection and treatment in the company of gender violence situations produced inside and outside the workplace“.

JOARJO, S.L. is a pioneer in adhering to the Protocol as an action within the Corporate Social Responsibility framework in the gender violence area.

This Protocol was born with the objective of removing the gender violence scourge in the different social spheres and it has been elaborated by the Social Auditors Spanish Association in collaboration with institutions, inspectors, associations and judges.

Through the adhesion to it, the companies incorporate the macho violence prevention as a voluntary social action measure within their Social Responsibility.

The Observatory against Domestic and Gender Violence is an analysis and action instrument that, within the Justice Administration scope, promotes initiatives and measures aimed at eradicating the domestic and gender violence social problem.

The Socio-Labor Auditors Spanish Association “CEAL” is an interprofessional state association that regulates and orders the Labor Auditor profession, now endorsed with the ISO 9001 certificate.