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March 13, 2018
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April 4, 2018
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The uniqueness of the pines according to Pepe Cerdá, our cultural pill of March

Cuadro de Pepe Cerdá para Joarjo en Marzo 2018

The painter Pepe Cerdá shares with Joarjo his chosen work for this month. On this occasion, the painting represents two pine trees on one side of the Huesca highway in the municipality of Montañana. The pines “in the Zaragoza garden acquire the category of sculptures for their uniqueness”, explains the author. “They can be observed from a distance and, normally, have been planted by man with the objective of taking shelter from the sun that -despired- will burn them in the summer.”

A new nod of this artist to the nature of our environment and road communications.

This is the twenty-sixth painting that we’ve received from the great Pepe Cerdá and this is part of our social responsibility dedicated to culture.