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April 27, 2018
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May 1, 2018
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The new ‘Citizen L32 VIII’ sliding head lathe arrives to Joarjo: more flexible and faster.

Citizen L32 VIII’

Torno Citizen L32 VIII

The modern facilities of Joarjo realease new CNC sliding head lathe: the Citizen L32 VIII from Citizen Machinery, thanks to Egasca.

Citizen L32 VIII en Joarjo


With the legacy of being one of the best-selling Cincom machines, the L32 of new generation is situated as a reference in the sector of CNC lathes.

With the current shift in manufacturing industry, the requirement is for variable-lot machining of diverse workpiece shapes and sizes. In order to meet this requirement, Citizen has introduced modular design to the new L32 thus enabling our customers to optimise their manufacturing by selecting the functions to achieve the ideal machine configuration for their needs.

The L32-VIII is a 7-axis model with excellent cost performance. A wide range of modular tooling ensures that the new L32-VIII is both versatile and flexible enough to meet your production demands into the future.

Up to 30 tools can be mounted at any one time supported by a very high level of control features, stable, powerful, and highly productive with versatility of modular design.

You can check more details in Citizen’s site or download its brochure.

With this novelty, Joarjo’s industrial capacity continues to innovate and grow. We believe that the best way to continue offering the best services is with the best technology.