Citizen L32 VIII’
The new ‘Citizen L32 VIII’ sliding head lathe arrives to Joarjo: more flexible and faster.
April 29, 2018
Instalaciones de Hutchinson Nichirin
Visita de Joarjo a las instalaciones de Hutchinson Nichirin
May 4, 2018
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When a second industrial washing machine help us saving water

Lavadora de Cóclea

Lavadora de Cóclea

The care of the environment is a commitment that we have very present in Joarjo. In a big industrial company like this, where the washing and degreasing of parts is one more phase of our daily processes, water consumption must be controlled very carefully. Our goal: saving water by maintaining or improving the quality of washing. It’s possible? Yes, adding a new and second coke washer: the INOX C353-Coclea equipment from Coniex.

But how could one more washing machine reduce water consumption? The reason is simple: up to now with a single washing machine it was necessary to consume a lot more water, since to wash different raw material (steel, aluminum, etc.) the water has to be different. With a second washing machine we get each of them to wash the pieces that are manufactured with an equal raw material, achieving a lower water consumption.

In the photo that heads this news, you can see the new washing machine premiering its space in the Joarjo facilities.

This is how quality and ecology come together in Joarjo: renewing the equipment, improving the working formula for operators and, at the same time, saving water resources.

The following video shows an example of a cochlea washer working.