Directivas de Aragón
Joarjo celebra con Directivas de Aragón sus 10 años por la igualdad de oportunidades
July 16, 2018
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July 19, 2018
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Joarjo celebrates with Directivas of Aragon more than 10 years working for equal opportunities

Directivas de Aragón y Joarjo

Directivas of Aragon celebrated its tenth anniversary with the motto “More than 10 years working for equal opportunities“. The meeting served to highlight the activity of the association in all this time and to thank some of its collaborators for their involvement in the form of awards in an evening attended by about 200 people including associates, friends, Government of Aragon and press.

Directivas de Aragón

Photo: From left to right; Ana María Pérez (Financial Management JOARJO), Valle García de Novales (Founder AV Asesores and Member of DIRECTIVAS DE ARAGON), Isabel Mozota (Commercial Management JOARJO).

JOARJO, as a friendly company and adhered to the agreement +Directives that supports and promotes the presence of women in management positions, was represented by Isabel Mozota and Ana María Pérez, Commercial Management and Financial Management JOARJO, respectively.

A struggle of all to continue improving

The president of the association, Ana Solana, welcomed the attendees and stressed that “much remains to be done“. Although it has improved and is reflected in some figures, even today we find “32% of companies that do not have any women in their management team, and that’s a lot of talent lost.” Solana expressed the wish of all so that “companies work proactively in identifying what are the obstacles that women have to access management positions in their companies, that they are the ones who think” why in my company there are so few women in leadership positions, why only one in four is a woman ‘and that they are the ones who decide what they want to do, because you can do a lot for equality. “

Real commitment for equality

With this philosophy, in 2014 the most outstanding strategic project of the association was launched: the agreement +Directivas signed with the Government of Aragon and to which only the twenty most important companies in Aragon are affiliated, such as JOARJO, which seeks to favor within the Equality plans of companies women’s access to management positions and committees of Aragonese companies to reach, at least, 20% or the objective that each one defines voluntarily.

Since then, the real commitment of JOARJO is verified, in addition to social responsibility activities, in the presence of women in our own organizational chart.

Directivas de Aragón y Joarjo

Photo:  Isabel Mozota (Commercial Management JOARJO), Ana María Pérez (Financial Management JOARJO)