Jardín Sorolla (Madrid) por Pepe Cerdá
Return to the Garden of Sorolla by Pepe Cerdá, the cultural pill of September
September 18, 2018
Carta agradecimiento Guardia Civil
Carta de agradecimiento de la Guardia Civil a Joarjo por patrocinar la Correría Popular
September 26, 2018
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Women Directives of Aragon welcomes JOARJO directives

Directivas de Aragón

Directivas de Aragón

That JOARJO’s social responsibility is closely linked to the commitment to equal opportunities between men and women is nothing new. In fact, this company can boast of being a pioneer in this task since it signed the agreement +Directives between the Government of Aragon and the Women Directives Association from Aragon.

This program has been key in our community for the support and promotion of women in business management, as well as female talent. To achieve this, much work and awareness has been needed. Precisely, this year we celebrated the 10th anniversary since this association began to change the professional horizon of many women; and a celebration to which JOARJO attended represented by Isabel Mozota (Commercial Management) and Ana María Pérez (Financial Management).

Now it is a pleasure to announce their incorporation to the Women Directives Association from Aragon, where they will contribute their experience and commitment to continue promoting the access of women to management positions and decision-making positions.

We appreciate the firm and pioneering commitment of the Property of JOARJO in the actions and decisions that have been taken in this regard and that will continue to be taken in the future.