Vicivision M1
This is the new optical measuring machine of JOARJO
January 15, 2019
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January 17, 2019
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This is the new optical measuring machine that has arrived in JOARJO

Vicivision M1

We start the year in JOARJO in the best possible way: welcoming a new optical measuring machine, which will accompany the one we already have in our facilities in Spain.

The Vicivision M1 presumes to be designed to optimise our production routine, with faster measurement reducing measuring times- setting a new bar in its sector.

M1 offers top of the range performance in a compact optical measuring machine with maximised ergonomics. Its unique design gives direct access to the piece, ensuring practical loading for both small and large turned components.

Increased production

The new acquisition of JOARJO can summarize its main advantages:

Improve production
Inspections in a matter of seconds, programs in just minutes. Operators are more independent during inspection. Measurement is not influenced by manual intervention. It allows to set tool offset before values are out of tolerance.

Greater efficiency on smaller batches
Avoid Downtimes caused by tool wearing. Reduction of rejects implementing the preventive actions indicated by the measurement trend graphs.



Among the possible measurements:


  • Diameters (static, dynamic, interrupted, etc.)
  • Lengths (distance between points or other general geometric elements)
  • Angles and Radii
  • Cylindrical and conical threads and nut measurements
  • Geometric measurements (parallelisms and orthogonalities)
  • Shape measurements (circularities, coaxialities, run-outs, cylindricities)
  • DXF comparison*, camshaft and turbine measurements* (*optionals)


Download its official presentation for more information.

How it works (Video):