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Ordesa by Pepe Cerda, first and great cultural pill of the year
January 17, 2019
JOARJO sigue creciendo, aumentando sus ventas casi un 15% en 2018
February 7, 2019
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WWF Spain celebrates with Joarjo “50 years of environmental conservation”

Foto: In 1968, an association called ADENA was legally constituted. Half a century later, WWF Spain continues to defend Nature every day

While JOARJO already celebrated more than a decade of life (in 2019 we celebrated the 60 + 2 anniversary), an association was born in Madrid that would end up being part of the DNA of this company: the Association for the Defense of Nature (Adena), more forward recognized as WWF Spain.

Founded 50 years ago at the initiative of a group of naturalists, scientists, businessmen and people from different sectors of Spanish society, this committed organization focused its efforts on the conservation of wild species and spaces against the many threats of the time, helping to the sensitization of society and training a whole new generation of young people in respect for the environment.

In 2019 WWF Spain continues to be the largest independent international organization dedicated to the defense of nature and the environment.

At JOARJO we are proud to be part of this great cause that concerns us all, present and future. For this reason, we are even more excited to have received this letter that recognizes our support and wants to make us sharers in the achievements we have made and that we want to share with all of you:

Letter from WWF Spain to JOARJO

“Thanks for being part of WWF Spain, together we keep alive the green lungs of the planet and the rivers, we protect the wild life and the oceans and we fight against global threats such as climate change.”

“Thanks to your help we have achieved important achievements”.

1) First Global Strategy for the Conservation and Sustainable Use of Natural Resources

Photo: Ex-situ Conservation of the Iberian Lynx Program

2) First global campaign to save a species in extinction and creation of the program to combat species trafficking.

3) Protocols for limiting carbon emissions.

4) Securing the future of marine areas.

5) Certification of sustainable goods: FSC, MSC and RSPO

6) Earth Hour, activist movement in favor of the world’s largest environment.

7) Creation of protected areas for conservation and research: Doñana, Galapagos Islands, Amazonas …

8) Work with local communities and women’s projects that contribute to local development.

As a “Friend Company of WWF Spain”, in JOARJO we provide for all these achievements and for another 50 years of commitment to Nature and the defense of our planet. A time of great risks but also of enormous possibilities to build a different and sustainable future. Together we can achieve it.