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March 4, 2020
Máquina de medición por coordenadas Axiom Too CNC de Aberlink (Tecnimetal)
AXIOM Too CNC: Así es la nueva máquina de medición por coordenadas que llega a JOARJO
March 12, 2020
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AXIOM Too CNC: This is the JOARJO’s new coordinate measuring machine

Máquina de medición por coordenadas Axiom Too CNC de Aberlink (Tecnimetal)

JOARJO’s industrial capacity keeps growing and innovating with the arrival of a new and advanced coordinate measuring machine : AXIOM Too CNC , acquired from Tecnimetal .

The Axiom too CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine is a bridge machine that leverages the technology learned by Aberlink since 1993.

The entire bridge is made of aluminum alloy , reduces load stress, creates a stable structure and reduces manufacturing cost, with self-adjusting air runners on the X, Y, Z axes. The runners are anodized, producing a large surface area. hardness, which improves stability and provides excellent wear resistance.

Thanks to the use of aluminum alloy and the design used, the bridge is very light and has a very low inertia and therefore excellent acceleration characteristics.

Being made of a single material, it’s very easy to control the temperature compensation caused by the changes produced where the machine is located.

Another great feature is that ABERLINK manufactures all the parts of the machine, including the marble lapping, with which the design is adapted to manufacturing, which is the basis for a simple and elegant design that seeks efficiency in manufacturing. manufacturing.

Technical specifications

The measurement volume of the AXIOM too is:

Model 600: X axis – 640mm Y axis – 600mm Z axis – 500mm

The measurement system uses Renishaw rulers and encoders, which achieves a resolution of 0.0005mm.

The volumetric precision of the machine is:

  • B89: 0.0082mm/300mm (volumetric)
  • VDI: (U3) 0.0029mm + L/250mm
  • ISO 10360-2: 0.0029mm + L/250mm

These values ​​have been obtained in a heated room at 20ºC (±1).

It also has a dedicated high – speed control system .


A revolutionary geometric measurement software that increases productivity

The software supplied with the Axiom too is software developed by Aberlink for you to take full advantage of the capabilities of the machine. ABERLINK 3D is a geometric measurement software for Manual and CNC machines . This software is a revolutionary development around a graphical interface.

The software draws the different measurements as we are measuring and allows them to appear as they appear on the drawings of the piece . With this simple format, learning time is reduced, ensuring great productivity .

Specific training in Joarjo to get the most out of it

Here it’s a new example of Joarjo’s philosophy of having “the best and best trained team” which earned us the Aspromec Award for the machining company most committed to training.

The installation of the Axiom too CNC is accompanied by specific and practical training directly in our facilities given by Tecnimetal, to whom we thank for their predisposition. In this way, Joarjo’s team makes sure to get the most out of this new machine which, ultimately, will benefit our clients.