Joarjo forma a su equipo para prevenir el coronavirus
Joarjo forma a todo su personal en la prevención del coronavirus
May 29, 2020
VI Carrera ATADES 2020 "Por Un Nuevo Cole"
JOARJO colabora en la VI Carrera Atades #PorUnNuevoCole
June 11, 2020
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Joarjo trains all its staff in the prevention of the coronavirus

Joarjo forma a su equipo para prevenir el coronavirus

With ZERO infections, at JOARJO we continue to keep our guard on the Covid-19 health alarm. Therefore, all personnel will receive special training to continue preventing coronavirus.

The safety of all the people who make up our company will always come first.

This new telematic course taught by Randstad, “Basic Prevention of Coronavirus” (2 hours) has the following objectives: To provide verified information about coronavirus, prevention measures and action protocols that will allow a return to the workplace in the usual way. safest possible.


This training action is in addition to all the safety measures and health recommendations that were implemented in our facilities from the first moment of the health crisis.