Joarjo hacia la máxima eficiencia energética con este compresor de aire Ingersoll Rand
August 19, 2020
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September 4, 2020
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Joarjo towards maximum energy efficiency with this Ingersoll Rand air compressor

The concept of energy efficiency is directly linked to an awareness of environmental protection . Betting decisively on this philosophy that requires an investment is also betting on the future. And JOARJO is once again an example of awareness and continuous innovation within the metalworking industry sector with another of its recent investments that we want to bring you closer to in this article.

Lubricated rotary screw air compressors offer the best designs and proven technologies, with new and advanced features that ensure the highest existing levels of reliability, efficiency and productivity.

At JOARJO we have not hesitated to invest in the technology offered by Ingersoll Rand with its advanced R37NE compressor , the most efficient of the R Next Generation series.

The compressor automatically adjusts compressed air output for maximum efficiency in each of its operations, minimizing energy use at any load .

Its state-of-the-art airend , the core of the compressor, offers best-in-class performance. This new airend system improves efficiency by 13% thanks to several advances, including an optimized rotor profile that helps minimize running costs. The new rotor profile also provides first-class airflow, up to 11% higher than previous models . This higher airflow at the same power input reduces compressor requirements, thereby also lowering investment costs and energy consumption.

The best compressors provide air, but also useful information. That’s why this R Next Generation compressor includes an Xe-series intelligent controller that provides real-time data monitoring of key operations and adjusts system parameters to maximize run time and minimize energy consumption .


Towards maximum energy efficiency

All R-Series Next Generation compressor drive motors feature an advanced induction design that meets IE3 energy performance standards and provides even greater energy savings than high-efficiency motors . For even greater efficiency, the optional Variable Speed ​​Drive (VSD) can save up to 35% on energy costs.

In short, this recent investment by JOARJO is full of advantages:

  • Efficient Design:  Proven airends, a sequential cooling system, and an optional Energy Recovery System (ERS) greatly improve efficiency
  • Leak-Proof Design:  V-Shield technology provides a fully integrated, leak-proof design incorporating stainless steel braided PTFE oil hoses with O-rings
  • Reduced downtime:  The Progressive Adaptive Control (PAC™) system monitors key operating parameters and continuously adapts them to avoid unexpected downtime.
  • Trouble-free operation:  Features like two-stage filtration, easy maintenance, and Ingersoll Rand’s premium, extended-life coolant ensure trouble-free operation.
  • Maximum Energy Efficiency:  Variable Speed ​​Drive (VSD) automatically adjusts compressed air output for maximum efficiency in your operations, minimizing energy use at any load.

JOARJO towards maximum energy efficiency. Towards a more sustainable future.