La automoción sí es para mujeres
Isabel Mozota (Joarjo) entre las 5 directivas que demuestran que “la automoción sí es para mujeres”
November 24, 2020
Joarjo and his modern 4K Interactive Display for videoconferences and teletraining
December 3, 2020
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Isabel Mozota (Joarjo KAM) among the 5 female executives that demonstrate that “the automotive industry is for women”

La automoción sí es para mujeres

La automoción sí es para mujeres

The profile of women in executive positions in the automotive sector is a fact. This is demonstrated by the excellent article “The automotive industry is for women” published in the economic digital newspaper about female leadership in this sector, delving into the studies, goals and projects of 5 female managers who hold positions of high responsibility in leading automotive companies.

Isabel Mozota, KAM at JOARJO and future generational replacement at the head of this company is named as one of the five outstanding female managers of Aragon. Here is an extract from the report:

Isabel Mozota decided to study Business Administration and Management and graduate in Business Sciences because leadership did not scare her, and that is why she will be the future generational replacement of the JOARJO company at the executive level, the company in which she currently works.

Today, the position she holds is to be responsible for the Commercial department with several clear objectives. The first is based on the “leadership of the management of social initiatives” and of human and economic resources; and the second comprises the “management and monitoring of customers”, from the first deal to the preparation of the order for later satisfaction, she says.

As a good leader and environmentalist, the most important aspect that Isabel highlights is that the protagonists of JOARJO are those “people and societies that intercede to create a better world, that helps those most in need and to become aware of the environment.”

In addition, she adds that “employees are the basic mechanism to do good teamwork.” Essential for the future board of JOARJO is the fact that “we must give back to society what society has given us.”

This company is proud to demonstrate Joarjo’s adherence to the +Directivas Program (+Executive Women). We also celebrate not being alone in this philosophy and seeing that female leadership is growing in a sector as important as the automotive industry.