La automoción sí es para mujeres
Isabel Mozota (Joarjo KAM) among the 5 female executives that demonstrate that “the automotive industry is for women”
November 26, 2020
Joarjo y su moderno Display Interactivo 4K para videoconferencias y teleformación
December 3, 2020
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Joarjo and his modern 4K Interactive Display for videoconferences and teletraining

The continuous commitment to the latest technology is part of the idiosyncrasy of JOARJO. Not only in terms of the precision machining machinery park , but in the rest of our facilities. On this occasion we present the advanced 65” 4K Interactive Display: the ActivePanel Cobalt from the Promethean brand that we released last September.

This new multimedia touch panel helps JOARJO to be at the forefront of image and sound quality in virtual meetings, participation in conferences and events, in addition to our telematic training. 

Interactivity at its best : its exclusive Vellum technology offers a touch and writing experience so fluid and precise in its function as a digital whiteboard that our exhibitions and meetings reach another level.

The prevention of Covid-19 has been one of the great reasons for this acquisition. Although telematic meetings were already part of Joarjo’s daily life, this new high-resolution interactive display has meant a qualitative leap in the quality of our videoconferences , as well as great savings in travel and contacts.

This new system incorporates a 4K camera with a 120º viewing angle with autofocus capability and monitoring of the different participants in the room when they intervene. In this way, our clients and suppliers with whom we regularly meet as a team feel like we are in the same room. The audio quality, with microphones of up to 4 meters sensitivity, contributes to this total immersion.

Finally, its Android system with unlimited access to the Google Play Store, and specific software for teaching interactive lessons and also for multi-device collaborative work , means that the applications and functions that we can give to this new panel are endless.

In short: digitization and maximum prevention , two of JOARJO’s constants and which have become global objectives for this 2020, perfectly define this latest investment whose advantages we are already enjoying and sharing.