Limpieza por Ultrasonidos
Nuevo servicio para empresas: limpieza por ultrasonidos
June 22, 2021
Isabel Mozota, Director Gerente en Joarjo
Isabel Mozota lidera la nueva Dirección al frente de JOARJO
June 25, 2021
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New service for companies: ultrasonic cleaning

Limpieza por Ultrasonidos

As we already announced in its acquisition, the ultrasonic washer that we use at Joarjo for our parts has it all: quality, efficiency and ecology.

Now we have decided to also put it at the service of companies that need a perfect cleaning phase in any of their activities and without therefore having to make a large investment in acquiring a washing machine like this one.

“Our ultrasonic washing machine is yours”

Any type of metal and any thermoplastic. More details on our ultrasonic cleaning service page.

This new on-demand service represents great savings for any company interested in offering the best possible finish for its parts or materials and that cannot be achieved by any other method.

4 guarantees of this new on-demand ultrasonic cleaning service:

  • Punctuality in each of the deliveries
  • Exhaustive cleaning of particles and microparticles
  • Delivery and collection service for maximum comfort.
  • Maximum quality in the cleaning of all components.

The result leaves no room for doubt: clean, dry pieces, free of oil, chips, solder paste, different residues… impeccable. And without emissions of polluting substances.

You can find more details on our  website  or by contacting us directly by email ( ) or by phone ( 976 107 078 ).