Parque de Maquinaria de Mecanizados Joarjo
Joarjo retoma la actividad normal de producción y servicios
August 26, 2021
Isabel Mozota opens Joarjo’s doors and contributes to several FDP of the University of Zaragoza
September 23, 2021
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Joarjo resumes normal production and service activity

Parque de Maquinaria de Mecanizados Joarjo

This week we have returned to normal production activity in Joarjo. After a few weeks in August where the temporary stoppage of production took place due to rest, our machinery park resumes the usual production of projects in progress, as well as new ones.

All set to continue contributing to the metalworking industry and providing solutions to company projects that need “more than a supplier, a collaborator” in precision machining , aluminum machining and cutting , bar turning , and more recently our new ultrasonic cleaning service .

We continue to offer our services to strategic sectors such as automotive , aeronautics , defense and general industry , studying all the new projects that come to us to offer the best solution for each need.

Of course, we continue to comply with all the health safety measures and recommendations recommended by the authorities and experts, with a studied protocol and an entire human team trained to continue making Joarjo an example of a company 100% prepared to continue working in a safe space. .