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Production shutdown in August: Let’s plan new orders and projects!
July 14, 2021
Isabel Mozota abre las puertas de Joarjo y contribuye a varios TFG de la Universidad de Zaragoza
September 23, 2021
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Isabel Mozota opens Joarjo’s doors and contributes to several FDP of the University of Zaragoza

Isabel Mozota, Managing Director of JOARJO, has been of great help to two students from the University of Zaragoza for their respective TFG (in english ‘FDP’, Final Degree Project), who this week have shown their gratitude for all the answers and advice provided during the months they needed to complete their projects.

His professional experience leading JOARJO in a sector as strategic as precision machining, as well as his studies in ADE and Business Sciences, have contributed as a source of value in the research work of these students who were facing a key moment in their careers . careers, because this final project depends on getting the long-awaited official title. A project that must demonstrate, beyond the exams, having acquired the skills that are part of long years of training.

With this training purpose, Isabel Mozota has opened the doors of Joarjo and found gaps in his agenda , as tight as it can be presumed of who occupies the position of maximum responsibility , to attend to two separate TFG.

Internationalization and CSR, the chosen projects

On the one hand, the work “ Internationalization of SMEs: Different models and strategies successfully implemented by a sample of Aragonese SMEs ” by Jesús Martínez Salas, a student at ADE , who is very grateful to Isabel Mozota for the time dedicated: “ He gave me a lot of information, not just what was necessary to do the job. They explained to me the beginnings of JOARJO, its history, the products they sold abroad, how they sold them, how they carried out operations internationally…”.

Isabel Mozota, as CEO, did not hesitate to invite him to a guided tour of the company’s facilities. “It helped me to know how the goods were manufactured and their different production processes” , admits Jesús. In addition, he was able to see first-hand how Joarjo was knowing how to survive the current pandemic crisis. “Isabel’s collaboration was enviable and of great help, since they allowed me, beyond being able to carry out my work, to know what a company is like from the inside and through all the processes that the products go through until they are sold.”

On the other hand, the second TFG in which Isabel Mozota collaborated is entitled “ The social dimension of Corporate Social Responsibility: An application to the company Joarjo SL ”. A different focus but that is also part of the day to day of the company.  Noemí Roso Blasco , the author and student of ADE Marketing and Market Research , wanted to capture the importance of social responsibility actions in a modern and leading company like Joarjo through the social dimension, both internally with its employees, and externally with society in general.

Among his conclusions, he underlines that ” there is a high satisfaction on the part of the employees with the CSR policies ” and that, through the interviews carried out with the associations themselves, ” a high satisfaction can be observed on their part with the company and a high commitment on the part of Joarjo. 

Isabel Mozota was proactive at all times , devoting part of her time in the Managing Directorate to answering all the questions from this motivated student, and involving all the workers to make the interviews and information gathering on the company’s CSR easier. .

“I am very grateful to Isabel Mozota because since I contacted her to tell her that I wanted to do my TFG on the Joarjo company, she has been helping me at all times, giving me information and advice. In addition, she did not put any impediment when it came to holding meetings or talking by message or email in case she had any questions about something related to work. ”

The inescapable commitment to training

In this way, the JOARJO Management once again demonstrates its total commitment to the training of future professionals . An action that continues to occupy an important space within our corporate social responsibility, since we not only collaborate with the University of Zaragoza , but also with the Dual Vocational Training to which we are adhered .

Training will always be an essential pillar of our society and, consequently, of the business sector. For this reason, JOARJO’s support for training continues within our facilities, because ” quality results are achieved by having the best-trained team “, as its head, Isabel Mozota, presumes.