Isabel Mozota sobre la FP Dual y Joarjo en la Puebla de Alfindén
Isabel Mozota confía en la FP Dual para seguir contando con “los profesionales mejor formados”
September 28, 2021
Correria Guardia Civil 2021
Joarjo patrocina la Correría Guardia Civil 2021 y su “Reto Solidario”
September 30, 2021
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Isabel Mozota trusts the Dual FP to continue having “the best trained professionals”

Isabel Mozota sobre la FP Dual y Joarjo en la Puebla de Alfindén

Isabel Mozota , Managing Director of Joarjo, has been interviewed on Jucal Radio on the occasion of the start of the first year of the Degree in Industrial Mechatronics belonging to the Dual FP at IES La Puebla de Alfindén , a program to which JOARJO adhered with a clear objective: have the best trained professionals .

In this way, Isabel Mozota has underlined the importance of committing to quality Vocational Training , in which students are trained to join specialized jobs and, in addition, to companies in the area, such as the strategic Malpica Alfindén Industrial Park where JOARJO is found .

The interview began by bringing the audience closer to the origins and values ​​of this family company with 100% Aragonese capital that celebrates its 60+4 anniversary in the national and international market as a benchmark in precision machining and bar turning. « As residents of La Puebla de Alfindén we always try to participate in all projects and support the initiatives of organizations and institutions. «, explained Isabel Mozota. «We like to advocate for kilometer zero: collaborate with close people. «

That identity and the recognized commitment to training ( Aspromec Training Award ) meant that « when the Institute presented us with the possibility and asked us to host the Dual Vocational Training students, we did not hesitate and signed the agreement in 2019 , being pioneers in carrying it forward. « The CEO of Joarjo pointed out a very important aspect of this accession: «We trained our staff so that they could be tutors and we committed the entire organization.» Only in this way can it be guaranteed that both the student and the company emerge stronger from the practical part of this Dual Vocational Training, which presents “an ideal combination” together with the academic part.

« The good thing about this system is that the practical part is developed in the company and the student can be trained internally according to the company’s methodology « answered Isabel Mozota when asked if the students leave this Dual VET prepared to be competitive in the job market. “Now the students are more competitive. The student sees her training in the classroom and its practicality in the world of work reflected in a very immediate way .”

“Companies and tutors must keep in mind that the student does not give up and manages to finish his training ,” Isabel Mozota insisted, knowing that training does not end with the Dual Vocational Training degree. “You have to be proactive and keep training. We have colleagues who continue to train. Myself too. Technologies advance, the world advances and we cannot stand still.»

Asked about the most demanded profiles in the sector, Isabel Mozota focused on “operators who know how to prepare the machines with the technology they incorporate, that is, with computer skills.” She recalled that in the presentation to the media of this new course at the IES in La Puebla de Alfindén, which she attended as the head of JOARJO , it was possible to see how some of the machines that the students will learn to handle are similar to those that They can be found in the JOARJO machinery park, which, added to the Joarjo team that will tutor the practices, guarantees high-quality training. «In Europe this type of dual training has been working for years and with success» , she confirmed.

The interview progressed to review the personal career of Isabel Mozota, third generation at the head of JOARJO after a long and growing career in the company carrying out different responsibilities, des. In circumstances as exceptional as the pandemic, the presenter wondered how JOARJO had been able to continue growing. Isabel Mozota’s response could not have been clearer: «success is explained by the fact that we all go together. All JOARJO workers have the same goal. We are all involved in moving forward. Everyone has their little plot. As my father taught me, we don’t make bad pieces . All of this is thanks to the people we have at JOARJO.”

About the future and the new challenges, the CEO of Joarjo has them clear. While waiting for the end of the pandemic, she must reckon with “the crisis in the market for raw materials and microchips.” An important challenge will be “taking JOARJO to other types of sectors. Not depending so much on the automotive sector, a sector my grandfather [Armando Mozota] opted for as a result of the arrival of SEAT in Zaragoza» .

Finally, Isabel Mozota was very happy with the continuous activity that exists in La Puebla de Alfindén, a professional and business enclave that continues to move and grow and with which JOARJO will continue to be closely linked.