Tarjeta de Navidad de Joarjo. Isabel Mozota.
JOARJO desea felices fiestas con esta postal y mensaje de Isabel Mozota
December 15, 2021
Joarjo en el mundo: Así se distribuyeron las ventas de 2021
January 17, 2022
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JOARJO wishes happy holidays with this postcard and message from Isabel Mozota

Tarjeta de Navidad de Joarjo. Isabel Mozota.

Tarjeta de Navidad de Joarjo. Isabel Mozota.

One more year, at JOARJO we want to send our best wishes for these holidays and the coming 2022 , to all our clients, suppliers, financial entities, workers, friends and followers.

We do it with this original digital postcard that serves as a presentation of the 65th anniversary logo that will accompany us over the next year, and with a message signed by Isabel Mozota (Managing Director of Joarjo) :

It has been quite a challenge in 2021 to have assumed the Management of JOARJO and reach our 65th anniversary this coming year. I’m counting on you to face it together.

That is the philosophy that defines us and that will never change.

I am confident in this new year and that it will bring us happiness (good things…).

Thanks to all of you who make up this great family that continues to grow: JOARJO colleagues, customers, suppliers, financial institutions and friends.

To all of you:

Thank you very much, happy holidays and best wishes for 2022.