Joarjo in the world: This is how the 2021 sales were distributed
January 17, 2022
Joarjo presenta su nuevo vídeo corporativo en su 65 aniversario
January 20, 2022
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Joarjo celebrates the 65th anniversary with a new corporate video

This 2022 marks 65 years since the foundation of Joarjo. Since its birth in 1957 , this family business now led by Isabel Mozota has been able not only to adapt to the new times but to anticipate them.

Coinciding with this anniversary, Joarjo has shared a new corporate video that reviews not only the history or milestones achieved, but also the principles that continue to be fundamental pillars in Joarjo’s day-to-day life and that will continue to be so in all the challenges that are yet to come. .

From the continuous investment in updating and improving the machinery park , including the most complete training for employees , to the adaptation to digitalization and new technologies present in all areas of the company.

With the slogan “maximum precision and quality” begins this presentation that includes images of some of the latest most representative works in precision machining and bar turning , both as final parts and their development and quality verification.

The last part of the video could not be missing, starring Corporate Social Responsibility , a section by Joarjo that defines this company so well and that brings it closer to different realities of our society with solidarity actions of all kinds.