Joarjo en el mundo: Así se distribuyeron las ventas de 2021
January 17, 2022
Joarjo celebrates the 65th anniversary with a new corporate video
January 20, 2022
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Joarjo in the world: This is how the 2021 sales were distributed

We share Joarjo’s sales distribution data for the year 2021 , where Poland continued as our main market with 41.72% of sales.

Similarly, Spain was positioned in second place with 38.95%, leaving third place with a tie between our neighboring countries, Portugal and France with 8.75% and 8.05% respectively.

The table is completed by Brazil (1.68%), Switzerland (0.52%) , Finland (0.23%) , England (0.07%) and Italy (0.03%) .

In short, Joarjo continues to bet on internationalization and continue to be considered not a supplier but a collaborator of total confidence of all our clients.

Ahead, a 65th anniversary where we can continue to grow internationally .