Día de la Mujer. Igualdad de genero.
Día de la Mujer: La defensa de la igualdad real, un compromiso social y diario para JOARJO
March 8, 2022
El Encuentro SERNAUTO 2022 para poner en valor a los proveedores de automoción, con Joarjo como Partner
May 27, 2022
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Women’s Day: The defense of real equality, a social and daily commitment for JOARJO

Día de la Mujer. Igualdad de genero.

Like every March 8, one more year, from JOARJO we want to join the celebration of International Women’s Day . For us it is also one more day in which to continue working for equal opportunities for women and men. A commitment that is already part of the company’s DNA and that extends from internal policy to the different projects, activities and initiatives framed within our social responsibility work.

In this way, at JOARJO we obtained the official accreditation by the Aragonese Women’s Institute, which since 2004 has recognized us as a “collaborating entity in equal opportunities between women and men” for all the work carried out until then in favor of this cause and which today we continue to defend

Collaborating entity in equal opportunities
Diploma that certifies JOARJO as a “collaborating entity in equal opportunities between women and men” (Aragonese Institute for Women, Government of Aragon).

It’s also a source of pride for JOARJO to be a pioneer company in this commitment to equality, signing the +Directives agreement between the Government of Aragon and the Association of Directors of Aragon. This program has turned out to be a fundamental pillar in our community for the support and promotion of women in business management , as well as female talent .

Act of signing Joarjo’s accession to the +Directives program (2014)

In this sense, our Management Committee has a majority presence of women , occupying the main positions of responsibility in the organization: Isabel Mozota (Managing Director), Ana María Pérez (Assistant to Managing Director), Laura Arnal (Dir. Quality and Environment) and Azucena Gracia (Purchasing Director). It is worth mentioning the incorporation of Isabel Mozota and Ana María Perez to the Directive Association of Aragon , where since September 2018 they contribute their experience and commitment to continue promoting the access of women to managerial positions and decision-making positions .

The social responsibility acquired by JOARJO in defense of women’s rights also deals with other more specific causes that sadly continue to be current. This is the case of gender violence , where we do not hesitate to adhere to the “Protocol for the detection and treatment in the company of situations of gender violence produced inside and outside the workplace” drawn up by the Spanish Association of Social and Labor Auditors and the Observatory against domestic and gender violence.

The risk of social exclusion is also a real problem that many women currently face, a more than justified reason why we also decided to collaborate in maintaining the La Piedad Foundation Shelter for women in this situation.  

In the conviction that everything achieved so far in favor of equality must have its future assured, we are still aware that there are still many obstacles to overcome together. Today is Women’s Day, but the commitment has to be daily .