Proyector de perfiles Starret HE400
Así es el nuevo proyector de perfiles óptico Starret HE400 de Joarjo: una precisión excepcional
July 29, 2022
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August 24, 2022
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New Starret HE400 optical profile projector: more exceptional precision for JOARJO

Proyector de perfiles Starret HE400

The Starret HE400 profile projector is one of JOARJO’s latest investments for its complete Metrology Room, a solution for precise non-contact measurement.

This technology makes it possible to measure a piece by projecting its image with high magnification and precision, allowing the profile to be seen in detail both on the large screen and to adjust the angular measurements with the help of the digital control panel.

One of the main objectives of the acquisition of this equipment is continuous improvement and quality assurance, an essential pillar for JOARJO. The new profile projector allows a much more precise and real part control during the production phase, which improves knowledge of process stability and capacity controls on the finished part.

It offers X-Y stage shift, includes a bayonet-style interchangeable lens mount, and allows angular readout of the Q axis—all designed to enhance capability and performance.

In short, the new Joarjo’s Starret with its high-precision optics, the perfect excellent lighting and the complete work scenario, all combined, guarantees sharp and bright images and exceptional precision.

This machine complements the existing ones in our metrology room for the measurement of “maximum precision” machining for our clients.