JOARJO finaliza el proyecto “Plan de modernización de la máquina herramienta de las pequeñas y medianas empresas”
June 5, 2023
encuentro sernauto 2023
El X Encuentro Sernauto mira a 2030 y confirma la visión de futuro de JOARJO
June 28, 2023
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JOARJO, sponsor of the X SERNAUTO Meeting that aims at the ‘Horizon 2030’

X encuentro sernauto 2023 Madrid sobre la industria de componentes del sector automoción, con el patrocinio de JOARJO
X encuentro sernauto 2023 Madrid sobre la industria de componentes del sector automoción, con el patrocinio de JOARJO


The Spanish Association of Automotive Suppliers (SERNAUTO) will hold its General Assembly and X Meeting next Tuesday, June 27, at the South Auditorium of IFEMA Madrid. This event, sponsored by JOARJO, a reference in the manufacture of precision machining and components, is an annual event of great importance for this very important and strategic sector.

The event will have the participation of leading experts and will be inaugurated by Héctor Gómez, Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism. Under the slogan “Horizon 2030”, the strategic importance of the automotive industry for the present and future of the country will be highlighted, and the key levers for the transformation that is being experienced will be reflected on.

The purpose of the meeting is to provide clarity on the path to follow in the coming years and the key levers to activate. It will serve to value the industry of automotive components and suppliers in Spain, with special attention to the people who make it up and the pride of belonging to this sector.

A sector with a future, which is committed to innovation, talent, decarbonisation, internationalization and sustainability, which wants to publicly underline the strong commitment of companies in the sector to people and their training, “so as not to leave anyone behind in full transformation”.

JOARJO, in particular, is an example of this commitment, investing resources in the best and most up-to-date training of its professionals. In addition, the company adheres to the Dual FP (Professional Training) plan, demonstrating its dedication to attracting young talent and showing an innovative and committed industry, where young people have a great opportunity for the present and the future.

This meeting is a unique opportunity to understand the direction of the automotive industry and how companies like JOARJO are leading a path fraught with great challenges with a wide vision of the future.