X encuentro sernauto 2023 Madrid sobre la industria de componentes del sector automoción, con el patrocinio de JOARJO
JOARJO, sponsor of the X SERNAUTO Meeting that aims at the ‘Horizon 2030’
June 22, 2023
Isabel Mozota participa en el nuevo vídeo de SERNAUTO dedicado a los profesionales de la Industria
June 28, 2023
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The X Sernauto Meeting looks to 2030 and confirms JOARJO’s vision of the future

encuentro sernauto 2023
encuentro sernauto 2023
Foto: Sernauto


On Tuesday June 27, the Spanish Association of Automotive Suppliers (SERNAUTO) held the X Meeting of Sernauto and its General Assembly in Ifema, Madrid. With a focus on the future, the JOARJO-sponsored event brought together leaders from the automotive industry, as well as government representatives such as Héctor Gómez, Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism.

JOARJO’s commitment to innovation, talent and sustainability is aligned with the vision of the future presented at the meeting, which included reflecting on what the automotive components sector wants to be in 2030, focusing on these levers and putting value to the sector.

During this key meeting, the challenges and opportunities in the industry were highlighted, among them the need for greater investment, the importance of competitiveness and the defense of the interests of suppliers. The value and recognition of people and talent in the automotive industry was also highlighted. “The parts are important, but the people are essential,” said Francisco J. Riberas, President of SERNAUTO.

With this motto and taking advantage of the occasion of the Meeting, SERNAUTO has launched a new corporate video dedicated to all the professionals who work in the Automotive Supplier Industry. In it, Ms. Isabel Mozota (Managing Director of JOARJO) appears as one of the representative voices of the sector: “I am the third generation of a company that has been working for the Automotive sector for 66 years. So it is an honor to continue the legacy .” 



The event was an opportunity for JOARJO, as one of the leading and most experienced companies in the sector (66 years since its foundation), to show itself aligned with the topics covered and the objectives set.

We are proud to have once again been an active part of this strategic meeting and to continue supporting the evolution of the automotive industry in Spain.