CNC Precision Machining Service

Our precision machining process includes a range of operations to shape items, which have been previously defined in planes, by means of the take-off of chip , made in our machining center. As a precision machining company, Joarjo is specialized in producing items both metalic and no metalic made in alloys with high precision such as high strength aluminum, brass, nylon, stainless steel, titanium and alloys, nickel alloys, Invar or Nivarox.

Machining from 2mm to 50mm

Several processes are involved in this precision machining:

Trimming: An intermediate process of detaching plenty of material with low precision.

Finishing: The final process that consists in the despose of a bit of the remaining material with high precision.

There is also a material removal process which involves two motions:

The cutting motion, for which is going to be cut the material, and the advance motion for which the tool finds new material to cut.

Both of them can be done by the piece or by the tool, according to the kind of the machining process required and depending on that, it will be made by a manual, semiautomatic or automatic machining tool.

Finally, the machining process is finished by our specialized workers ,using their own skill and dexterity exclusively with hand.

Plastic machined

We use a hide range of plastics such as:



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