Since 1957

Armando Mozota Aguado (Armando Mozota I) was born in 1931 and in his sixteen began his training as a turner in a machining company.

In 1957 he founded a small machining company with two friends and former colleagues and Talleres Joarjo S A was registered in 1973 as an oficially machining company.

Joarjo´s name is an acronym formed by the two first letters of the three founders names.

It was in 1976 when the name of the commercial brand was formalized as such and that, to this day, continues to identify us as one of the reference companies in the industrial machining sector and of which Armando Mozota Liédana (AM2) he exercised leadership until 2021.

Isabel Mozota, Managing Director, already represents the 3rd generation of a family dedicated for more than 65 years to satisfying the industrial mechanization needs of our clients.

Instalaciones de Joarjo

Years of growth

Due the demand machining services increasing, in 1997 joarjo did look for a new base to extend its facilities and moved to Poligono de Malpica-Alfinden in a small city near zaragoza called Puebla de Alfinden. This is one of the most modern and best equipped industrial center of Zaragoza.

The facilities are distributed over 2600 m2 and divide into differents areas depending on the department to get the best cost-effective factory layout.

Ready for New Challenges

In last years we have incorporated within our catalog services the capability to make much more than a simple machining parts for our clients.

Joarjo may currently offers a high quality level and cost-effective production in many different industries such as aerospace, automotive, defence, hidraulic, lifting, electronic appliances,earthmoving equipment and more.