Quality Machining Company

The Joarjo´s quality department and the production area have professional workers that have been trained to verify each manufactured item and so, the entire production which is delivered to the end client is monitored permanently under joarjo´s quality system.

Energy efficiency policy
Quality and Environment Policy
Evolution Waste Management

Our production is recognized and certified by AENOR according to standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO TS 16949, which it is the main reference for quality of our company and the entire automotive industry.

Joarjo is committed with the ongoing quality improvements and belongs to Spanish Quality Association (AEC) (AEC)


Products Verification

The Product´s verifications manufactured by Joarjo are including within a quality assurance parameters process based on the specific dimensions of these products.

To do it, we have different equipments and last generations machines with top features which give full solution to every need to checking of each item manufactured within any process that is develop in JOARJO: Precision machining, Aluminum cutting and CNC turning services .

High-tech Quality Control

One of these quality equipment is the profile projector. Its use allowed check and verified dimensions including in plane and more specifically those called critical dimensions which defined the product properties and characteristics to have been designed for.

This process is managed by our quality department with the support and collaboration of production area and both have the professionals with the knowledge and aptitude required in order to check in the best way each item manufactured before shipped.

Quality Department

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