More Innovation. More Development. More JOARJO.

As we move towards the end of 2023, at JOARJO we want to review some of the most notable investments and news to date, as references in the precision machining and components sectors:

Technological Modernization: A reinforced productive capacity

The successful conclusion of the “Machine Tool Modernization Plan for Small and Medium Enterprises” has allowed the incorporation of more productive equipment to our industrial park, such as the Citizen Cincom L32-X lathe, raising our productive capacity to new heights:


The addition of a new lathe to our plant allows us to further increase and optimize our manufacturing of components or machining, thus satisfying the needs of our customers more efficiently and effectively with the best results.

New Citizen L32-X lathe

This new acquisition in 2023 reinforces our already strong fleet of Citizen L32-X machines, demonstrating our continued commitment to excellence in precision machining.

The Citizen L32-X is known for its modular design, which allows us to adapt our operations to the changing needs or demands of our current and future customers. Its well-known quality and flexibility, backed by an advanced control system, adds production and efficiency to our precision machining projects.

New Remet Micromet Evolution cutter

A new machine made of stainless steel developed especially for high-precision metallographic cuts using diamond-edged or abrasive wheels.

With 95W of power and an adjustable speed with constant torque of up to 2,100 rpm, it boasts micrometric regulation of the cutting thickness with a precision of 0.01 mm.

Its maximum cutting diameter is 30 mm with the diamond-edged disc (100 mm) and 45 mm with the grinding wheel (150 mm).

All this with both physical and magnetic security systems.

More Safety for more Quality

New oil mist eliminators with high purification

With the investment and implementation of this new advanced extraction system we achieved more optimized maintenance and a healthier and safer work environment, allowing us to focus on production.

3nine offers the only technology that separates mist particles from processed air and returns them for reuse as liquid, without using a filter. This cutting-edge centrifugal separation technology purifies the air by separating oil mist particles down to 1μm with an efficiency of 99.9%.

sistema extraccion aceite

New fire suppression systems throughout the plant

New automatic fire protection systems have been installed in all JOARJO CNC lathes with the use of carbon dioxide as an extinguishing agent.

These automatic systems are activated by temperature and flame, and generate a signal to a fire control panel that issues an alarm and stops the power supply to the main equipment for immediate shutdown.

Reaffirmation of Quality with the Revalidation of the IATF 16949 Certificate

The revalidation this 2023 of our IATF 16949 Automotive Quality Certificate is no less significant, as expected. This international and key standard as an outstanding supplier for this sector, reaffirms our leadership and commitment to excellence in quality, further solidifying our reputation in the same.

Other Certificates and Commitments

In addition to IATF 16949, JOARJO has also had time in 2023 to revalidate its ISO 14001 Environmental Certificate, maintaining our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. More present than ever in the industrial panorama.

X encuentro sernauto 2023 Madrid sobre la industria de componentes del sector automoción, con el patrocinio de JOARJO

JOARJO, sponsor of strategic events for the future of the automotive sector

The long-awaited X SERNAUTO Meeting once again counted on JOARJO as one of its sponsors. JOARJO’s vision and values ​​in areas such as innovation, talent and sustainability aligned perfectly with the reflection themes of the event, which looked towards ‘Horizon 2030′ for the automotive components industry.

During the event, crucial challenges and opportunities in the industry were addressed, such as the need to increase investment, the importance of competitiveness and the defense of suppliers’ interests.

JOARJO’s role reflected its position as a leader in the sector and its commitment to the guidelines addressed by the automotive industry of the present and future.

Visibility and Recognition in the Sector

Ms. Isabel Mozota, Owner and Managing Director of JOARJO, was the protagonist of SERNAUTO’s latest corporate video, a report that celebrates the professionals who, with their dedication and passion, make the Automotive Supplier Industry a sector with a promising future.

Sponsorship of the 27th Automotive Quality Congress 4.0 as a Turning Point

Likewise, JOARJO sponsored the 27th Automotive Quality Congress 4.0 held in Barcelona. The event focused on crucial topics such as connectivity and cybersecurity, practical experiences in the field of quality and the application of 4.0 technologies in the automotive industry.

This sponsorship served to underline JOARJO’s continued commitment to quality excellence and its leadership vision in adapting to new technologies.


The most tangible technological investments in our offices (such as the new computer equipment), have also occurred at the level of digitalization:

We have implemented a comprehensive change in our ERP system, moving towards a more efficient infrastructure adapted to the demands of the current business environment. These investments underscore our strong commitment to innovation and excellence in all aspects of JOARJO.


Investment in training is one of the most deeply rooted principles in JOARJO’s philosophy.

On the one hand, internal training for our professionals with specific courses to make the most of the latest technology reaching the plant.

On the other hand, the continuation of the agreement with the IES Puebla de Alfindén to train and attract talent within the Dual FP.


As it could not be otherwise, this year we continue to dedicate part of our time and resources to initiatives that transcend the business sphere and contribute to the well-being of the community and society in general.

We must highlight our main sponsorship of the Correría Guardia Civil Zaragoza for solidarity purposes that brought together thousands of people in the Parque Grande José Antonio Labordeta in Zaragoza.

In addition, we are always attentive to such important dates as World Breast Cancer Day, where we do not hesitate to involve everyone to raise awareness about this disease through our social networks.

Actions like these reflect our continued commitment to CSR, integrating core values ​​into our corporate culture and strengthening our positive impact on society.

For the remainder of the year, and with our mind set on 2024, JOARJO’s focus will continue on innovation, quality and sustainability in the precision machining sector for the main Spanish and international industries.

On behalf of the entire team that makes JOARJO possible, thank you for continuing to grow alongside us.