Social Responsibility

Sponsorships and Cooperation

We think that it is not possible to achieve business excellence in an unbalanced society.

So, we support differents projects, activities and initiatives focused to mitigate such imbalances and to provide education and youth development in sports environments.

Entidad colaboradora en igualdad de oportunidades

Our main commitment: Equal opportunities for men and women

In our company we are committed to valuing women in the business environment and we work to achieve this.

For this reason the Aragonese Women’s Institute has accredited us as collaborating company in its Equal Opportunities project. We work towards balancing responsibility.

In this context we have been pioneers in signing an agreement between the Government of Aragon and the Aragonese Association of Women Managers, in their +Women Managers program.

Sponsorship Programs

Partner by IAM (Aragon Women Institute)

Subscribers of the agreement for the program +DIRECTIVES, which was signed between the Government of Aragon and the Association of Aragon Female

Support a Shelter Home for Women at Risk of Social Exclusion managed by Fundación La Piedad

Continuous support to Atades (Intellectual Disability Assistance Nursing Association)

Sports equipment Unión Deportiva Amistad

Commitment to San Valero Foundation students training

Collaboration in the campaign “Gifts that heal” of the AECC (Spanish Association Against Cancer)

Cultural Sponsorships

(“Con Clave de Fa Aún Mayor”, “Castillos de Aragón” and Pepe Cerdá Escar works)

Friendly Company of WWF España

Our Christmas cards and the Josep Carreras Foundation

Adherence to the “Protocol for the detection and treatment in the company of gender violence situations produced inside and outside the workplace

Partners of ASPANOA (Aragonese Oncological Children Parents Association)

Sports equipment basketball La Salle Palamós